MissTravel.com Review - Best Dating Club for Travel Lovers

MissTravelInterested in a sugar baby traveling job? You are at the right place. Either you are a young man or woman, becoming a sugar baby on MISSTRAVEL is like taking a job that let you travel. Here, you are paid to travel to popular cities like HK, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Barcelona, and so on.

MISSTRAVEL.com looks like a tourism platform, but it’s a sugar baby website for sugar daddies and sugar babies who love traveling in the company of their dates. The issue of sugar baby allowance needs to be negotiated between both parties independently – the platform has no hand in this.

Membership Size

As at 2019, this platform boasts over 500,000 members. The membership size of users is not large. Hence, it is easy to use and navigate. Also, since this site is mainly about travel dating, not all sugar daddies and sugar babies are fond of it. Despite the smaller population size, you can expect every member on the MissTravel platform to be real and serious, with serious interests in traveling. Simply put, it is a congregation of like-minded individuals. So, your chances of finding a match are higher than usual.

Still talking about population, the sugar daddy to sugar baby population ratio is 1 to 8. This shows that the number of sugar daddies is apparently larger than that of sugar babies. As a sugar baby, you might worry about finding a sugar daddy here. But not to worry, super rich sugar daddies on Miss Travel are fond of often inviting several sugar babies on a trip at once. Also, such sugar daddies may arrange multiple trips in a year, each trip with a different set of sugar babies.

You may want to tone down your optimism, however. The website has only facilitated just over 20 thousand trips. You only stand a chance if you can work hard on your profiles and show your attractive side.

Excellent Reputation

MISS TRAVEL is less popular tan other sugar baby websites because of the size of the user base, but it is also reported in such well-known media as BUSTLE, VICE, ELITE, HUFFINGTON POST.

Customer Support

On their CONTACT US page, they have offices in Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Cyprus, which can help members with customer service issues, while offering help in arranging their trips. If you have got a suggestion, feedback or complaints, you can send an email or call to speak to a support staff. Feel free to share your success stories in the same way.

Travel Safety

If you want to join MissTravel.com, you must pay great attention to security issues. While you may be used to having seeking arrangement appointments and dates in the same city or area, arrangements here involve traveling out of your city or country. Prepare your mind to travel far away from your family and friends. While on such long trips, your cellphone signal can deteriorate, making it difficult to reach your loved ones. Therefore, it is best to inform your circle of your plans and movements, before and during the trip.

If possible, send them location updates, such as hotel addresses, or your GPS location via your smartphone. You should also give your travel companion identity and contact information to them as well.

Registration Process

MissTravel accepts all types of sugar baby dating; sugar momma and gay sugar daddy relationships are also welcomed. It also allows married people to find SB on the platform by indicating their status during registration. For instance, married people should choose “Married but looking”, SD indicates “Separation without Divorce.”

You should make sure all your profile information is real so that your profile can be approved quickly. Complete the “Describe Yourself” column with appropriate information that describes you. Also, state your travel intentions clearly under the “Why you want to travel” column, while emphasizing on how much you like to travel around with the same-minded person.

After completing your profile and uploading your picture, you can go ahead to “create a trip” so others can search for your trip and join you. You should mention who is paying for this trip. If you are a sugar baby, you should put “you’ll pay for us”, while sugar daddies should put “I’ll pay for us”.

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