Having a Platonic Sugar Daddy Relationship without Giving Sugar

Platonic Sugar DaddyConsidering the enormous time and efforts required in maintaining a traditional relationship, it is understandable why a lot of men prefer a sugar daddy relationship. It offers the men the fun time, attention, and genuine care they crave, in return for compensations paid to the women. Interestingly, you can enjoy this type of relationship as a sugar baby without necessarily having sex with your sugar daddy. And if executed correctly, you will be surprised at its amazing benefits.

How Does a Platonic Sugar Daddy Relationship work?

Although most arrangements involving a sugar daddy involves physical intimacy, it is possible to keep the relationship on a platonic level, especially if yours is a rich sugar daddy. By platonic, we mean not involving sex, which makes you more of an attractive, flirty, caring, and fun-loving FRIEND to your sugar daddy.

Are there men willing to be a platonic sugar daddy and what drives such willingness? It may interest you that not all men are in this for the sex. Such men only crave a beautiful, sexy, and young companion that will compliment them and make them happy. Most single men get easily ignored and lonely, hence, this is an avenue to escape the loneliness and boredom that comes with that single life.

Finding a Mutually Beneficial, Platonic Sugar Daddy Relationship

The only thing that differentiates this type of arrangement from the conventional sugar daddy relationship is the absence of physical intimacy. Imagine having a man that offers you all the best things in life with zero expectations aside from the date. Yes, it is possible, provided you are able to put some personal guidelines in place.

You can tailor your sugar daddy dating site profile to depict the kind of arrangement you are interested in. For example, adding an inscription - “no sex” or “no intimacy” will be enough to show you are only in for a platonic experience. However, explain your stance to your sugar daddy on the first date and ensure that they understand you.

Another booster to your quest to get a sugar daddy without giving sugar is to ensure that you satisfy your sugar daddy in all other aspects apart from intimacy. And to satisfy him, you must know what he really wants. Feel free to ask questions – does he need someone to take as dates to events? If yes, you would need to dress fashionably and bring some social complement to his life. If what he wants is companionship, ensure that you are a good listener and a good communicator.

Having an Online Sugar Daddy without Meeting up at All

Who says you need to be physically present to have a date with your sugar daddy? With features like texting and video chats, you can now communicate with your sugar daddy through the internet without being with them in person. You will find tons of websites offering these services, and all you will need to do is to sign up and put up yourself as a fun-loving companion. Such online arrangements do not require meeting up and don’t involve sex or any other physical activity.

Finally, note that you will most likely encounter a couple of misses before you can find a generous man that is cool with a platonic sugar daddy relationship. Most potential sugar daddies are particular about getting more personal. However, you will find some that are only interested in a perfect connection, generous attention, and a harmless friendship over the internet. Finding such men is the best – you easily avoid the concerns associated with physical meet-ups while enjoying the fun and benefits of a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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