Most Popular Makeup and Dressing Tips for Sugar Babies

Sugar Baby DressingYour most important asset as a sugar baby is your youth and beauty. This means projecting yourself in the best way possible, dressing well, wearing the right sort of makeup, coming across as a classy young lady.

Part 1: Guide to Sugar Baby Dressing

Preparing for your first date with your sugar daddy? The first thing to do is to look into your closet. Take a good hard look at all the clothes and shoes you’ve got.

Now, decide what sort of impression you want to create. Choose your sugar baby costume based on that.

Are you going to dress up like a professional working woman? Should you be wearing designer clothes, like someone at a party?

What sort of sugar babies clothing would suit you well? And don’t forget the shoes – or sugar baby shoes – as we call them.

The sugar baby outfits you choose can make or break your first date with the sugar daddy. So be smart about what you choose to wear. Here are some sugar baby dressing tips you can use.

  1. Find out about the sugar daddy’s style.

    All sugar daddies have their own preference, and they are different types of men themselves. You can tell what they are looking for by simply looking at their photos or exchanging messages with them before the date.

    So, if the sugar daddy likes wearing something informal like T-shirts and jeans, then that’s probably because he has a preference for the girl next door look. If he is into football, maybe he likes sporty girls.

  2. Be comfortable with what you wear.

    Be smart with your choices as far as the sugar baby costume is concerned, and don’t be afraid to come across as flirtatious. Show your sexy side, and maybe a hint of mischief. Go wild if you have to!

    But the most important thing is to be comfortable with what you wear. If you’re not comfortable with your sugar baby clothing, that will show you are not confident enough, and you will come across as rather awkward.

  3. Dress for the occasion.

    What you wear, the sugar baby clothing, and even the sugar baby shoes should depend on the venue of the date. If the sugar daddy is taking you to a fancy restaurant, then wear a classy evening dress and high heels.

    If he is taking you out to a sports venue, then wear something sporty. You don’t want to look out of place, which is why you should consider the venue when choosing the sugar baby costume.

Part 2: Guide to Sugar Baby Makeup

Now, let’s talk about the sugar baby makeup. There are different styles or looks you can go for as a sugar baby. Let’s discuss what they are and how to use the right makeup for them.

  1. The Cleopatra Look

    Cleopatra was the most beautiful woman of all time and was a genius at makeup. She was known to sport a bold red lipstick, lip powders, and lip stains.

    This can easily translate into the modern era with modern-day makeup kits. It will work very well for those with dewy skin. Use a proper oily cream or moisturizing primer if you have healthy skin. Also, opt for neutral eyeshadow and go for bright red lipstick. That should do the trick.

  2. Sexy Bronze

    The Sexy Bronze look is also very popular with sugar babies. It was made famous by the great Coco Chanel.

    Just apply bronzer to the corners of your forehead and blend them well. Also, apply the bronzer to your chin and cheeks, and go for a shiny bronze lipstick. This will make you come across as completely divine and irresistible.

  3. Bright and Sunny

    The Bright and Sunny look is another great sugar baby makeup style. The idea is to highlight and strobe certain areas of your face such as the cheeks, nose, chin, and the central area of the forehead to make them appear brighter.

    This is a trendy look that was once popular with drag queens. Today, it is used by major celebrities including Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kate Perry.

  4. Smokey Eye Look

    The Smokey Eye Makeup involves applying eyeshadow or eyeliner to the eyelid and blending upwards with a soft eyeshadow brush. Use different shades such as gold, blue, and brown for the perfect look.

    The Smokey Eye style is perfect for black sugar babies and also Asian sugar babies. But ultimately only you can decide which sugar baby makeup style is suited to you.

Also, social media is a good source to find out what are the latest dressing trends; look at Instagram and Pinterest for more great tips on dressing and makeup. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.