Learn How to Dress as an Asian Sugar Baby

Asian Sugar Baby DressingWell, you should know there is a very strong preference for Asian sugar babies these days, especially from wealthy and successful men in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

It could be because these sugar daddies have been with white or Caucasian women all their lives and want a change, something different. They are enchanted by Asian women – after all, Asian women are so petite and cute! Seen those K-pop stars? Western men think all Asian sugar babies are like that!

As an Asian sugar baby, your biggest assets are your youth and beauty, and, yes, your ethnicity. Don’t be shy about your yellow skin color – use it to your advantage! How? By dressing well, wearing the sort of clothes that suit your petite figure, which make you look sweet, alluring, and sexy, all at the same time.

What you shouldn’t do is to ape Caucasian or white sugar babies. They have a completely different style. You don’t have to be like them. You have your inherent strengths and a unique appeal. Make the most of that.

Here’s a look at the Top Dressing Tips for Asian Sugar Babies

  1. Yellow is good!

    The thing about Asian women, in general, is that they tend to avoid yellow-colored clothes. It’s probably because they feel that wearing anything yellow would be an overdose because of the yellowish undertones in their complexion. That is so wrong! Asian women look gorgeous in yellow. Go for a lovely top or a mini-skirt in different shades of yellow such as mustard, canary yellow, and lemon.

  2. Sport bright red lipstick.

    There is no beautiful sight than an Asian woman wearing bright red lipstick. Seen Aimee Song and Chriselle Lim? They are two of the most beautiful young women you’ll see and they always have bright red lipstick on. Red is the color of daring and boldness and makes quite a statement.

  3. Floral prints look lovely too!

    Why not go for clothes with bright floral prints of different colors? Pink, red, blue, yellow – take your pick. Choose something bold, and pair the shades with neutrals. For example, bubblegum pink goes well with yellow and grey looks great with mustard. Of course, you can always stick to the primary colors if you want – red, green, and blue, or look for floral prints with different combinations of the same.

  4. Choose small, tight dresses.

    Asian women are much smaller physically than white and black women. That is good – Men find their small, petite frames to be very attractive. As a sugar baby, you want to make a perfect impression on the sugar daddy during your first date. Buy a nice little outfit, one that showcases your figure, which hugs your body and makes you look ravishing.

Finally, you have the one thing every man wants – your stunning looks and youthfulness. So, don’t be shy about meeting a wealthy sugar daddy, you can make any man dance to your tunes. Be bold and confident, dress well, and don’t be afraid to show your sexy side.