The Impact of New FOSTA-SESTA Law on Sugar Baby Dating Industry

FOSTA-SESTAThe Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, shortly known as FOSTA, and Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, shortly known as SESTA, are United States Senate and House bills. On April 11, 2018, these two were combined by President Donald Trump to form a law called the FOSTA-SESTA Law. These bills were passed to stop sex trafficking in the US and curb online websites from supporting or assisting sex trafficking.

Until this law was formed, website owners were not responsible for the user’s actions on their site because of section 230 that immunized them from any civil liability. For example, if a user threatens someone on social media, only the user will be responsible and legally answerable for it, and not the owner hosting the site. But with this law coming into the picture, even the website owner will be held responsible for it. Most people welcomed this new law, but people related to the sugar baby industry had some major concerns.

The sugar baby sites have been affected to a great extent. This might mean that meeting sugar babies or daddies for seeking companionship through sugar daddy sites might be illegal.

To make matters worse, Apple has removed all the Sugar Daddy apps from the App Store. Everyone is trying to adapt to this new law. You might have noticed that any adult content on Google Drive might be missing as they have been deleted. Even one of the most popular social media sites, Twitter, has banned accounts with adult content.

Now the websites review the members' profiles on their platforms more strictly and take care that they don’t break the laws. Many websites also had to revise their Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to be compliant with the FOSTA-SESTA law. They have clearly mentioned that prostitution is totally illegal and should not be promoted on their sites.

Do We Need to Worry about the New FOSTA-SESTA Laws?

The FOSTA-SESTA law has hit the industry hard, but it is not the end of the world for these sites. The well-established sites are trying hard to convince the authorities and the general public that they are not promoting or assisting sex trafficking. The site owners need to work very hard to make changes on their site so that they completely comply with the regulations. They need to streamline the operations and implement new algorithms and software that will help in flagging vulgar sex trafficking-related words.

This is a great platform where people can interact with and get to know each other before meeting. But because of this law, a large number of users will avoid using the platform and many accounts, which violate this law, would be banned or restricted.

This law also allows government agencies to monitor the conversation and personal photos shared between the users in the sugar daddy sites. They can analyze and even store many photos found on this platform that would help them keep offenders away from signing up for these sites again. They can also keep a close watch on the suspect and act if there is illegal activity going on through their platforms.

This law can actually backfire and send vulnerable sex workers back to the place where illegal sex trafficking is taking place. The FOSTA-SESTA law has really affected the sugar daddy industry. But is this platform really bad for the public? No, because everything happens with mutual consent and understanding. Each sugar baby has her own set of problems, so they seek companionship with sugar daddies. But only time will tell the impact of this law on everyone related to this industry.