SugarDaddyMeet - 1 # Straight Sugar Baby Dating Site

SugarDaddyMeet is built in 2007 and has been offering sugar baby dating service for almost 12 years, and all sugar daddies and sugar babies are quality members here. It is the best sugar baby site dealing with male sugar daddy and female sugar baby in top 20 richest countries. That’s why it can survive the fierce competition of sugar baby dating business. You can follow the social media accounts of this website to get the latest updates or news. The mainstream social media include facebook, twitter, g+, pinterest and instagram.


Membership Size is, of course, one of the leading sugar baby websites with nearly 2 million members, and the majority of its members are from the United States, Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand. There are almost 400 thousand male sugar daddies and 1.6 million female sugar babies on this site, so the ratio is 1 to 4, it’s the ideal sugar baby ratio for a sugar baby website.

Registration Process

In order to ensure the quality of members on the website, SugarDaddyMeet has a strict screening process for users who can join and become a member, which is why this site has been chosen to be the NO.1 straight sugar baby dating site for all these years.

Male Sugar Daddy - Female Sugar Baby

When you register, you can only choose to be male sugar daddy or female sugar baby, but you cannot choose gay sugar daddy or sugar momma relationship.

Almost all sugar baby websites on the market do not restrict users. Sites like will accept female sugar daddy and male sugar baby relationship, which is known as cougar dating. Similarly, gay dating is accepted by most dating websites. However, SugarDaddyMeet chooses to be unique and try their best to provide best user experience for the traditional male sugar daddies and female sugar babies.

Countries, Location

SugarDaddyMeet is extremely popular in the sugar baby dating world. In order to keep of quality of its members, it only provide dating service in countries which have the richest sugar daddies. In fact, the most active members on this service – sugar babies and sugar daddies – are from top 20 developed countries. If you are in other countries, especially developing countries, you can check other dating websites in our guide.

If you are not from countries not in the list, when you try to register your account this website will tell you our region and country cannot register as a user for the time being. They will determine your location based on your login IP. SugarDaddyMeet states that it does its best to ensure that the site maintains the highest quality of users. Even if you want to use VPN to fake your IP address, it will not be successful. The technical team of SDM guarantees that all scams and fake members will not have access to this quality dating communities.


SugarDaddyMeet Features

Premium Membership Cost

Monthly Payment of $ 50

Quarterly Payment of $ 90 - Save 50%

Half a Year Payment of $144

If you are serious about joining the sugar baby dating world, a quarterly payment is more cost-effective, and you will have a 50 percent discount. However, if you are new sugar daddies or sugar babies and don’t have a clear plan of what you want in sugar baby dating, monthly payment would be better. After paying the premium membership you will have access to 30+ features.

SugarDaddyMeet premium membership fee is higher than most sugar baby websites, which is because the site recruits a lot of professionals in their QA team to screen and filter its users. All uploaded photos and profiles will be reviewed manually.